Jane Art

 Spread the Love

This is an ongoing project that I started in December of 2013. I make tiny ceramic hearts, infuse them with love and take them with me wherever I go...I give them to people, post them out, leave them in the landscape to be found or to diffuse that love back into the earth. As a fell runner and artist, living in Haworth I find this project allows me to get my art out there, simply and in a way that I can express joyfully. Due to a growing interest in 'Spread the Love' I have begun to sell these hearts, but I have always liked the idea of them being found and finding their way wherever or to whoever ... 


I have placed around 100 hearts in the landscape around the UK...most of them around the West Yorkshire/Lancashire boarder where I do most of my running. In June of 2014 I organised 2 events named Heart Trail...a run and a walk around a 5 mile, circular route around the Haworth countryside, with so much success that I will probably make this an annual event. Please see Haworth Festivalhttp://www.haworthfestival.org.uk/ for more details. I try to document each heart with a photograph, which I then Tweet   https://twitter.com/spreadloveart  or upload to my facebook page    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spread-the-Love/412287758874377?fref=ts      When a heart is found it may be either held with love...passed on to someone else...moved to another place...the control is completely out of my hands...I may never find out...I guess that's not important, but sometimes people go to my twitter or facebook page and post a photograph of their heart on its journey....As far as I know, so far there are hearts in Ireland, Portugal and Alaska...! 


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